Whatever the project, at Doca we are very clear about creating unique kitchens by carefully selecting the quality of materials, without sacrificing beauty and innovation.

 At DOCA we understand the kitchen as a universe where versatility and functionality; technical and aesthetic precision are related to each other. From this perspective, design becomes a fusion of ideas, materials, technology and environment.

Natural stones and porcelain are the raw material par excellence in some DOCA kitchens. In their multiple versions, typologies and textures, these materials make up our products, giving rise to genuine and extremely high quality surfaces.

We work with high level professionals and craftsmen who, together with our team, select and treat each element so that the result is unique and different for each project. This allows us to create and produce in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes, providing trend and innovation.

The durability and elegance of natural stone in its different variables – marble, granite or slate, among others – and textures give every creation a timeless and unique aesthetic value, as well as offering an extraordinarily resistant surface. While porcelain tile gives a superior character, especially when it comes to exteriors, its peculiarities are capable of withstanding any climatic aggression. Its components absorb water minimally, survive temperature changes and also scratches.

DOCA gives life to these materials through careful work with the aim of preserving their purity, hardness and porosity. All of them coincide in having a wide variety of textures, very natural and organic.

We use the robustness of natural stones and the exclusivity of porcelain to guarantee a design without limits. Our LAVALET NEGRESCO LEATHER model, for example, reflects the beauty of an engraved natural stone, while the MAGMA ATA NEW FACTORY 2 line dates back to antiquity with the fusion of fossil oak with an impressive stone worktop, which has been extracted from a unique quarry in Europe. Furthermore, how can we forget our latest creation: the LUXURY STONE outdoor kitchen, which we have managed to develop thanks to the immunity that these materials give us to the adversities of the weather.

DOCA is an avant-garde proposal whose aim is to create sensations without forgetting the sophistication of nature.

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