DOCA‘s new Lavelet Negresco Leather brings pictorial art from canvas to the home’s favourite space.

The DOCA philosophy gives the kitchen the gifts of comfort, cleanliness and functionality while maintaining elegance and versatility. An example of this is the new Lavelet Negresco Leather, presented this year at the Eurocucina fair in Milan. A kitchen concept that reinvents originality through a pictorial frontispiece engraved in natural stone that provides the visual beauty that our senses seek. Like the pleasure of tasting a good stew, the view finds its rest in this museum piece, a sober proposal with a colossal force where worktop, fronts and interiors form an island created to enjoy art in all its senses.

The great team of professionals of DOCA, seeks with this model a groundbreaking and surprising proposal. The counterpoint to the robustness of the island is the light shelving made of optical glass, offering storage to the whole room. A shelf that goes unnoticed so that the imposing island of monolithic concept takes centre stage.

We do not understand a project that does not transmit sensations. We need our product to excite, and with this philosophy we offer a product of maximum quality and perfect finishes.

About DOCA

The company began its activity in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón), becoming an emblematic brand of kitchen furniture, wardrobes and bathrooms for those looking for a medium-high range product in their home. Halfway between an industrial manufacturer and the finish of an expert cabinetmaker, DOCA Kitchen Furniture pieces seduce a sensitive clientele looking for unique and customisable furniture.

The almost 40 years of experience of Muebles de Cocina DOCA, are guarantee of commitment with the client and with the furniture that manufactures, unique pieces with style, character and quality fulfilling the expectations of our clients. Proof of this is our international expansion marketing our products in various continents and countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Russia, Mexico, USA and Canada.

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