Kitchens have to be nice outside and inside. This is a very present phrase in the Doca philosophy, since the wide range of cutlery trays available can be personalised in colour so that our favourite colours are not only on the outside. In addition, Doca works with RAL colours, so it has infinite possibilities.

Keep in mind that the cutlery tray must fit perfectly to the drawer, for greater comfort. In this example you can see a combination of cutlery tray, cutlery tray, utensil tray and roll holder.

The finishes on the cutlery trays can make all the difference. Chic cutlery trays with different interior possibilities, 100% customizable as in this case, with porcelain base.

If the kitchen allows it, the wider the drawer, the more comfortable and practical its distribution will be. Here you can see another combination of steel cutlery tray.

Service area where its two upper drawers are provided with a combination of cutlery trays, customized 100% to the customer’s taste. We can appreciate an area of spices, service tray and porcelain base.

Taking care of even the smallest detail of the kitchen makes the furniture not only aesthetic, we believe that its relationship between aesthetics and functionality has to be optimal. There are multiple storage possibilities, we have only shown some of our latest developments.

Eurocucina 2016
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