La idea es sencilla y extremadamente compleja al mismo tiempo. Consiste en poder cortar una simple zanahoria con la The idea is simple and extremely complex at the same time. It consists in being able to cut a simple carrot with the maximum elegance in our house but with the same naturalness that if we did it in the fires of a well-known restaurant. The aim is to create an environment that is perfectly in tune with the way we understand space, aesthetics and the life of each one of us. Because there is one thing we already know: The kitchen is not just a room where you cook, get dirty and clean but a much more open and interesting place where we can look, feel, talk. And to think.

DOCA has been working on this fundamental premise since 1978, and this is how it has come to establish a very natural communication between architecture, interior design and gastronomy. Three disciplines that, in addition, can be very different and that for that reason this international company attends them with more than two hundred finishes in different styles. But always through a fluid and honest communication between these three prescribers. Always.

Within the “transitional” current, a style that travels with ease between the classic and the contemporary, between technology and craftsmanship, DOCA has unveiled its STEP model this year. The logic of evolution appears again in their designs because on this occasion they propose solid walnut and showcases framed in steel, but they add, attention, the magic of coplanar sliding doors, an innovative system that keeps the two leaves in the same plane when they are closed. Accuracy, purity, harmony. And an absolute government of space because there is the possibility that these doors can be opened and closed by remote control. Anticipation.

At the DOCA stand we saw 12 mm steel doors that absolutely ignore the passage of time, panels armed with the robust phenolic board, impossible hinges that open up to 270 degrees, drawers that slide electrically just by touching them, veneers of fine wood and formidable materials. This is how the design does not find limits to advance.

And all this background is also materialized in two surprising proposals for dressing rooms that interpret the intimacy of the bedroom with the same concept of aesthetics, strength and functionality. Plus an extra contribution of comfort. Leather doors, natural wood shelves, accessories that we did not imagine but that already seem to us totally essential and a lighting as warm and suggestive as our best dreams.

Professionals from various countries such as the United States, England, the United Arab Emirates, India, China and Azerbaijan have been at the DOCA stand at Espacio Cocina SICI 2019 to personally see the process of this evolution.

Communication between architecture, interior design and gastronomy. That is the idea.
DOCA participates for the first time in Espacio Cocina SICI
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