Last week we traveled to the United States to participate in the latest edition of Feria KBIS that took place in Las Vegas from January 21-23. DOCA participated in this benchmark meeting of premium kitchen and bathroom designers together with Neolith. This common stand that we shared with the Spanish company specialized in sintered stone applied to interiors and exteriors gave us the opportunity to test our vision by combining high level design with excellent style and quality. Below, Jose Montañes – Export Manager (DOCA’s export and design department) explains his impressions of the latest edition of KBIS 2020. Which moments would you highlight from this international design scene? Without a doubt, the award for best stand at the fair, which we received together with Neolith, and the large number of visitors from a public that is highly specialised in kitchens, as well as the great reception we received with our innovative framed door system (shakerdoor). Before starting your experience in Las Vegas, what expectations did you have? We have always been confident in our identity and in the power of DOCA, KBIS is an important international event and we were positively surprised by the type of high level profiles that visited the fair this year.

How did you prepare for this edition? Firstly, there was a pre-product test phase together with Neolith’s design team to ensure that the project fit both artistically and functionally. The result was a superb kitchen with impeccable textures and reliefs that speak to the DNA of both brands, not only for the design but also for the innovation, materials and engineering that they represent. Why did you choose Neolith for this occasion? We have had a relationship with Neolith for years; the two companies share the same vision of the future, work and projection within the United States market, a country where Neolith has a solid consolidation. In addition, your product proposal is very attractive and compatible with DOCA’s style. What are the common points of DOCA’s aesthetic identity with Neolith’s? Being at the forefront is the common denominator of DOCA and Neolith, that is, being in constant search of new concepts, finishes, materials, … With the main objective of leading the kitchen and ceramics market.

What trends have you detected in this edition of KBIS 2020? The number of novelties that have been presented is infinite. We kept the most original ones and we are sure that they will dictate the trends of the sector this year, such as the introduction of porcelain in the doors to achieve the marble effect in the kitchen furniture. What has been the profile of customers you have received this year? A high level of professionals in the sector in search of new concepts and high-end European brands, and we are sure that DOCA has been up to the task. It is very interesting to relate with professionals who are not used to evaluate European products and see how they are surprised with the high quality and added value that define brands like DOCA. What kind of opportunities are presented by one of these characteristics? KBIS means an open door in the American market, an opportunity to create opportunities to identify new and very interesting points of sale and to forge commercial relationships in cities such as San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Miami, NY, LA, etc.

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