DOCA, specialists in kitchen furniture and wardrobes with in-house design and manufacture, has always set itself apart due to a product line in which quality and innovation are forever present in both its designs and materials.

One of the main elements of the collections of DOCA is the wood which comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests with PEFC and FSC certification awarded by the national forest certification systems.

FSC is an independent global organization which promotes the development of best practices in forest management while PEFC is the most established forest certification system in the world whose objective it is to ensure that forests are responsibly managed and that their many functions are protected for present and future generations.

This certification for forest products (wood, paper, cork, mushrooms, resins, essences…) combats against illegal logging and guarantees consumers that they are purchasing products from sustainably managed forests. In doing so, it contributes to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems and to biological diversity, at the same time providing an economic livelihood for many rural populations and becoming the source of a hugely important processing industry which, over time, is gaining greater social and cultural recognition.

With the above certification, the chain of custody is guaranteed throughout the forest supply line, thus promoting best practices in the forests and ensuring that the source of forest products conforms to the most demanding ecological, social and ethical standards.

Moreover, DOCA holds ISO-9001 Quality Systems Management and ISO-14001 Environmental Systems Management certification.

Certified Wood

At DOCA, extremely diverse materials are brought together to create unique spaces where ergonomics, balance and precision reign. Among the certified wood we can mainly find walnut, chestnut, oak, etc. combined with other elements such as steel, aluminium, laminates, glass, lacquers and acrylics to create different textures, colours and finishes.

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