Anyone who’s ever been to London knows how attractive the British capital can be.

A city of contrasts; from Chealse, one of the city’s most elegant and sophisticated neighbourhoods, to Camden Town, one of the most hooligans and bohemians. A good Earl Grey at four in the afternoon and a pint of beer a while later.

London is a city that inspires us and that’s why we were especially excited to design the kitchens of the building he was renovating. This building can be found in the Westminster area and was the seat of the courts for many years.

Now the emblematic block represents all the eclecticity of the city, the original facade has been preserved but the interior is completely new, adapted to new design trends.

In DOCA we have captured all the sensations that the city conveys to us in a Sedamat lacquered kitchen and Nogal Velho veneer that has enchanted the new owners.

DOCA: A lifestyle
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