DOCA is now present in the prestigious apartments of ‘The Star and Garter’ palace at Richmond Hill in London. Specifically, our firm has equipped all of the luxury apartments that are housed in this prestigious palace with the closet model, LECH Cristal Reflex. There are apartments with different layouts that include one to four bedrooms.

In this sense, with our contribution of the LEACH Cristal Reflex closets, where different materials such as steel, glass and wood coexist, they achieve a unique piece with character, in which the utmost care has been taken until the last detail.

The building is located next Richmond Park, the largest of the Royal Parks of London, at 2,500 acres, with magnificent panoramic views of the river Thames. It is a marvelous scene that has been painted on various occasions by the well-known landscape painter, William Turner, and other renowned artists.

It should be noted that this building, throughout its history, has hosted different personalities with relation to the Royal British family, a detail that has further enhanced the distinction of the building.

These residencies are unique, exclusive and specified to the highest standards possible. The private facilities include a leisure suite with a pool, spa and treatment room, a Harrods concierge and a vehicle service for trips to the city, all to assure an incomparable lifestyle for the residents.

In the same way, our LEACH Cristal Reflex closets installed in the luxurious apartments of The Star and Garter palace at Richmond Hill in London, create a unique space with an elegant and innovative aesthetic compatible with the prestige of these residencies that their tenants will love fall in love with.

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