A hundred professionals, including architects, interior designers and stylists, have participated in the opening of the new Showroom that DOCA has just opened in Madrid. They spoke of elegance, magic, flavours, light, wood, steel and the future, as well as many other issues that had to do not only with kitchen design but also with the passionate human relationships that take place within this space that is so organic and fundamental.

We talked about the personality that this room called “Kitchen” has to have and about this slow but constant revolution that demands more space, more light and more stenographers for the most interesting part of the house. Textures and reliefs were caressed, impossible angles were observed and secret mechanisms were verified, because that is exactly what it is all about. Subtlety, function and emotion.

Five models are exhibited in this Flagship, bringing together the company’s latest ideas not only in terms of design but also in terms of mechanical, material and engineering novelties.

The new DOCA centre in Madrid is also a meeting and reflection place for all professionals who design habitat. For all those who believe that the beauty of things is directly related to the beauty of people. Welcome to subtlety.

DOCA opens in Madrid its first flagship store in Spain
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