Would you like your kitchen to look bigger? Want to know how to get the most out of those few square meters you have available? Well, take note. At DOCA, we are specialists in kitchen furniture. We can offer you some advice so that on entering your kitchen, you will feel a greater sense of spaciousness.

The choice and arrangement of certain elements like the colour of the walls or the distribution of furniture will be key to achieving a larger feel.

Opt for light colours:

One of the important aspects for getting your kitchen to look bigger is to use colour effectively. Light and bright tones provide luminosity and visually enlarge the space. Dark colours, on the other hand, reduce it and can prove suffocating.

Pure white is the colour which reflects light the most and which therefore gives an impression of more space. If, however, you want to create a warmer and more personal atmosphere, try a range of light colours like beige, pastel green, mauve or cream tones. These shades are your greatest ally in getting your kitchen to “grow” without losing that personal touch which makes it so special.

Keep intense and eye-catching colours for a few decorative elements, adding style and energy to the room without diminishing the sense of space.

Shelves and glass doors:

If you are thinking of renewing the furniture, bear in mind that choosing light and neutral tones is a formula that never fails, visually making it appear to take up less space. Moreover, if you opt for shiny and lacquer finishes, you will add brightness, given that these types of surfaces reflect the light and create a multiplying effect highly recommended for small spaces.

Another aspect which helps create more space is not opting for tall furniture in the kitchen. And if you need extra storage space, you can always install some floating shelves on which to put your prettiest cups, trays and plates, a practical solution that prevents the space becoming disjointed.

If, finally, you do decide to install tall furniture, keep in mind that glass doors in the furniture will lighten the visual load and add depth.

Now you know that with some minor changes you will be able to achieve greater brightness and make the space look bigger, go ahead and take the plunge.

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