The kitchen you need is the one that adapts to your needs, and takes advantage of all the space you have. One question you should ask yourself before asking yourself if you need a refurbishment is whether your kitchen adapts to you or you to your kitchen.

Kitchens that adapt to all spaces

Faced with this, get to work and imagine the kitchen furniture suitable for your space and for the use you are going to give them. A kitchen that brings together everything you need without losing its beauty, as kitchen design professionals know how to connect functionality with the appeal of the most versatile materials.

As we have already mentioned, it is important to take advantage of the space we have. In your kitchen, take advantage of the height of the walls. Tall units up to the ceiling multiply the storage capacity. One of the latest models presented by DOCA, the Burnt Eucalitus 53, follows this pattern. A kitchen adapted to the times, as it solves storage problems with a large area of columns of large dimensions, at two heights, where any element can fit.

DOCA custom kitchens for your space

In this sense, the type of furniture you choose is also decisive if your objective is to achieve a well-distributed kitchen. In DOCA’s custom kitchens, everything fits perfectly in the space because the professionals we work with know what the customer needs. In this way, we want it to be a comfortable kitchen for the inhabitants of the house, always without losing harmony.

It is important to emphasize the importance of this stay in the house, in the kitchen we spend most of the time. A place that requires special attention for the good times we live in it. It is one of the reasons why, more and more, the tendency is to open it to the rest of the house.

Thus, the kitchen with island acquires protagonism since they are spaces that so much by their versatility, by their imposing presence come to be the most effective solution to integrate the kitchen to the lounge. In this way, the stay becomes the centre of activities with family and friends. Don’t forget that it has to be a place to enjoy and relax.

Kitchens to measure, personalized so that they occupy the space of which we have and that they obtain that we feel comfortable. Few kitchen furniture, but very well chosen are enough for harmony to reign at home.

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