We give you the keys to choose your ideal kitchen, which suits your needs and fits your style.

A kitchen is more than a space to cook, it is a place with which you will spend long time with your family and friends and a large part of your daily life. It must be a decorative place, but at the same time comfortable and functional. A suitable kitchen furniture will make your kitchen a perfect area of your home. At DOCA, experts in the manufacture and design of kitchens, we give you some tips so that your kitchen fulfills all your desires:

1. Choose your cooking style:

First of all, we must decide with what kitchen style we identify ourselves most; a more modern and contemporary style such as our Tiznar Stampmodel or more classic and formal, like our Britania Blanco Viejo kitchen.

2. Think of a design kitchen while practicing:

Select finishes for kitchen furniture that facilitate cleaning. Always think about the people to whom the use of kitchen furniture is destined, if you are part of a large family or if what you like is to cook in a more professional way, these are factors that must be taken into account at the time to have a functional kitchen.

3. Optimize the space:

We recommend using upper and lower storage furniture. You can use open top furniture as in our model Timeless Castañer Fernor to give the feeling of a wider kitchen, and put inferior kitchen furniture for the storage of the larger utensils, as in our model Anvil Steel, in addition, the placement of an island as a work zone, storage or breakfast is very useful.

You will have to take into account the shape of your kitchen when placing your furniture, the distributions are usually in parallel, in ”L” or in ”U”. At DOCA, we create the kitchen that best suits your space to make the heart of your home the perfect place to meet with those closest to you.

4. Choose the color of your kitchen:

The bicolor combinations in which black and white predominates are ideal to give your kitchen a cozy and sophisticated air, example of this combination, can be our Luxury Stone Cassini model. In DOCA we combine materials such as walnut, chestnut or the oak with others like steel and aluminum to create amazing textures and finishes.

DOCA kitchen furniture creates spaces that last over time and meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Always selecting the best materials to get luxury furniture.

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