DOCA helps you create a modern and cosy atmosphere in your kitchen.

Over the years the kitchen has steadily taken on more of a starring role in the home, transforming itself into the very heart of the house.

There can be no doubt that the kitchen has become the central space in our daily lives, a place chock-full of activity and which holds a special charm. And now, at a time when built-in kitchens in the living-dining room are setting a trend, this space is gaining more visibility and relevance.

The kitchen is therefore becoming a place to share, chat and eat. As such, it is important that it is a cosy and comfortable room which invites us to spend more time in it, without compromising its design and functionality.

Modernity and comfort, in the right amounts.

A contemporary kitchen doesn’t have to mean a cold and impersonal space. Modernity and comfort can exist together in the same room.

At DOCA, we would like to give you some tips on how to achieve this balance, using elements that prove fundamental, such as the choice of furniture, lighting and the decor of the room.

As regards furniture, bear in mind that wood tones and finishes lend warmth to the kitchen, helping to create a cosier atmosphere. Combining these with steel, aluminium and glass pieces will allow you to achieve a more modern style.

As for lighting, try to get the most out of the natural light given that this provides a sense of well-being and helps create warm feelings and atmospheres. We also advise combining distinct types of lighting (general, functional and ambient) to create a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen.

The colour of the walls, ceiling and floor also play a key role in achieving the desired result. In this respect, bear in mind that light-coloured surfaces reflect more light, so if you choose a colour palette of darker tones, you will surely need extra points of light to achieve greater brightness in the room.

Finally, moving on to decor, by hanging a few photos or framed illustrations on the wall, you can create a warmer and more personal atmosphere. Brighten and freshen things up with flowers in a pretty vase or table centrepiece. Make your kitchen more comfortable with a few soft cushions on the seats, sure to make those family chats around the table a much more pleasant affair.

All this will help you create a unique and personal atmosphere, brimming with warmth and comfort.

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