The entire DOCA team knows that it has a common goal: to satisfy and adapt to the needs of customers. Therefore, we work so that the design of the kitchen is the one that best suits the user’s needs. In this line, DOCA has different styles for each type of customer, unique in its creation. One of them and those who find inspiration is the Mediterranean.

A style that emphasizes the warmth and cozy atmosphere typical of mediterranean lifestyle. Characteristic for combining white tones or those softer with wood. A composition that together with the typical luminosity of the homes conceived with this style, provides the perfect touch.

Another aspect that stands out from the Mediterranean culture and that moves to the design of the kitchens of this style, is the distinctive feature of sharing with others. Therefore, these spaces are conceptualized as open areas in which the whole family can participate. Thus, an island or peninsula as a link between the kitchen and the living room is essential to create this type of environment.

It should be noted that the warmth is, therefore, protagonist in kitchens with Mediterranean essence. However, although this may seem an adjective typical of a classic kitchen, the most modern also have a place. In this way, opting for molten concrete or microcement together with the feeling of warmth of the wood. The materials and colors that evoke nature are also a good option.

When you choose this personality for the kitchen, the rest of the home must go according to the environment that is created. So, both the line of furniture in general and that of the kitchen, tend to be in the most contemporary, straight and simple, but with character.

In short, when you choose the Mediterranean style, we do not just decide on a type of kitchen with some materials, colors… You choose a lifestyle, in DOCA we are prepared to advise you if you decide to opt for this unique style.

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