With the arrival of January we begin to discover the news and trends in the kitchens. You can see how some of the styles of recent years are maintained or renewed and how others begin to disappear in the design of new kitchens.

First of all, it should be noted that the integrated kitchens are here to stay. The users have been able to verify the comfort and versatility of these, since they offer numerous options and customized combinations depending on the needs of the families. So who are considering the possibility of renewing this space, can continue to opt for the innumerable benefits of integrated kitchens.

At DOCA, we are at the forefront of design and technology, which is why we reaffirm our style when we notice that in 2018 there will remind a tendency for two-color combinations in the kitchen, in which black and white stand out. These colors are the key to giving the kitchen a sophisticated yet cozy feel. In addition to this mix, a duo will also be a good choice in which they contrast some pieces of the kitchen with those that are located sooner. Another winning combination will also be that of materials such as concrete or wood capable of creating and invoking modern and elegant spaces.

In this composition the finishes can not be overlooked. For this year we will look for those in black or satin nickel, which makes a modern kitchen much cleaner and tidier.

Finally, if there is something that will characterize this 2018 and that had been announced this year are the smart storage solutions.In DOCA we extract the maximum performance from the kitchen space, in this way every centimeter is used. Our kitchens integrate deep drawers and even accessories to separate waste. Also included are automatic closing mechanisms and removable cabinets.

The DOCA team will continue working to keep up and even anticipate the trends that are incorporated throughout the year, always seeking to adapt to the requirements of each client.

New concept of kitchen DOCA
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