DOCA integrates with exterior spaces

It’s time to inaugurate summer and with it our most innovative creation.

One of our greatest premises is not to stop giving life to unique spaces but to make them the center of our greatest experiences. Adapted to the new times and ways of living, we evolved into a new environment by creating a new outdoor kitchen unique in its class.

The open air becomes a haven for this outdoor kitchen that perfectly camouflages in its environment as another element of the landscape. This is possible thanks to the perfect tuning of its high quality weather resistant materials.

Once again, versatility and functionality shape the personality of our projects. Divided by two islands and a wide area of columns, this new model incorporates a compact multilayer carcass, highly resistant to moisture. The working area is protected from rain through a system of sliding doors for its protection, which guarantee maximum durability of the cooking area, sink and grill. Natural stones provide personality and solidity in this kitchen.

Our outdoor kitchen does not understand seasons, only being able to enjoy to the fullest the kitchen whenever you want. Once again DOCA creates without putting limits on the design or quality to create unique designs where ergonomics balance precision and comfort.

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