Meet our flagship storefront

Almost a year ago we opened our new concept of DOCA store-showroom in Madrid, an innovative stage of more than 300 square meters located in one of the most interesting and active areas of the Spanish capital, which shows live our particular interpretation of the kitchen, stylistic and practical relationship with the most avant-garde architecture and interior design.

A staging at the height of a leading product.

The DOCA showroom-store is the most dynamic and instantaneous way to physically discover, through our designs, the latest trends and the most avant-garde kitchen concepts; a reflection of harmony, integration of spaces, comfort and anticipation of the needs of each user.

We have brought to the capital some of the latest novelties presented at renowned international fairs – such as Magma Ata, which combines with special delicacy steel and new technical materials with the wood of an oak tree that is over a thousand years old and the stone polished with inlaid with authentic fossils.

DOCA Expo Madrid

In addition, the showroom houses other reference models such as —Fuste Eucalyptus, Luxury Stone, Tiznar Stamp, New Factory and Step Walnut Matige—, along with the spectacular Box dressing room, made of leather, showcases and eucalyptus.

¡Te esperamWe look forward to your presence in this hub of unique design to show you our revolutionary vision in space and functionality in the kitchen!

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