Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchens

DOCA products are characterized by their design and quality whilst maintaining their functional and ergonomic purposes. Materials are studied and tested so that our kitchens look up to date, are extremely resistant and long-lasting. Stainless steel is polished by laser, resins are of the highest quality, and lacquers are glossy and look like polished rubber, … all of which make our products state of the art in every sense of the word.


“Slop, slop, slop, …” is the sound of a slow cooking stew from an old family recipe that has been around since lord knows when, it’s just that some kitchens invite you to cook in them.

That’s what happens with the new “GREGAL ROBLE NATURAL” kitchen for the most nostalgic of us, for those who love fairy tales. Its design was created to fall in love with.

There is lots of work space with a beautiful oak island with rustic carving, along with a table is ideal for preparing great recipes given that there is so much room for cooking, baking, washing up and even for making bread. You won’t need any more storage space either as the cabinets at both sides of the stove have extra space for keeping all the kitchenware you will ever need. All of these details give this design a vintage look.

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Classic Kitchens
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